Case Studies/Testimonials

“All the Diamond for Half the Price”

At the start of his journey, Chris knew he wanted to get engaged but had no idea where to start when it came to picking out and buying a ring. Chris and Miriam met for an initial consultation, and by asking questions about his girlfriend Stephanie’s style and personality, Miriam was able to suggest a few different types of diamonds and settings that she thought would fit Stephanie’s lifestyle and Chris’s budget perfectly. Miriam and Chris then went shopping in Hatton Garden. They went into several stores and Chris was able to pick out the exact Diamond ring that he knew would be perfect for Stephanie. After the diamond and ring were identified, Miriam was then able to use her contacts in America to source the exact same quality diamond and diamond setting seen in Hatton Garden for half the price. Chris and Stephanie are now happily engaged and are using the money saved toward planning their dream wedding and honeymoon. As Chris likes to say “he paid in dollars what he would have had to pay in pounds.”- Chris V. from London