Miriam Leaman, G.G.

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MirPicI am a third generation jeweller and certified Gemologist with 13 years experience in all phases of the jewelry business. My service is being a diamond supplier, personal advisor,  and shopper to people who are in the market to purchase diamond engagement rings, jewellery or gemstones. My goal is to ensure that my clients find the perfect piece of jewelry at the best possible price.

I source my diamonds from abroad which allows me to sell to my clients for BELOW UK RETAIL PRICE.

I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 2002 with a Gemologists Degree. I have worked in all areas of the jewellery business from retail sales & management, appraisals for individuals and Ashford.com, and diamond wholesales.

Member of NAJA (National Association of Jewellery Appraisers)

My work experience has led me to now solely focus on helping the end consumer with my expert unbiased opinion. I want to ensure that my clients are educated in what they are purchasing and not have to rely on salespeople to tell them what is good quality. I also appreciate life is busy so for those that don’t have time to devote to this process, I will do all the researching and negotiating on your behalf.

Typical Clients Include:
*First time engagement ring purchasers
*Busy spouses who don’t have the time to shop AND remember all the gift giving occasions.
*Women who want to pick out their ring but would like me to contact their partner so there is still an element of surprise