London Diamond Concierge

Miriam Leaman is a diamond supplier, personal consultant and shopper to those in need of engagement rings or jewellery. Having worked in the business for 13 years, she utilizes her network of Diamond Wholesalers from the United States to obtain top quality diamonds for below UK retail price.

To start, she provides a free initial consultation to determine the piece of jewellery needed and establish budget parameters. She educates clients on factors of diamonds/gems that can affect price. She visits jewellery stores with clients or without the client depending on their needs. Miriam provides unbiased advice about quality and price of rings/jewelry we see together. She negotiates pricing for clients at the jewellery store or will source the stones from abroad-whichever method will be most cost effective for the client. Her goal is to find the client the perfect diamond for the best possible price.


Miriam also assists with the following services: