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Kind Words

“Miriam was extremely helpful in assisting my in choosing the right diamond and ring for me. I was a complete novice in the world of diamonds, though Miriam gave me a great education and helped me in understanding what I was looking for in a ring. She arranged for me to see a range of diamonds on my price range which was great to be able to compare and contrast. Thank you Miriam!”

Tim S, London

“When looking for an eternity ring, I originally found a few options online. Miriam looked at these for me and we had a conversation to work out what I was looking for and what my budget and priorities were. Miriam gave me a steer on some of the factors I might want to think about which meant that, by the end, I wasn’t quite as hopelessly clueless as I was at the start.

So, eventually, I knew what I was buying and that I’d found what I wanted! She provided guidance on the quality and clarity of the stones, the best options for design and settings (not just in terms of aesthetics but also practical points to do with longevity and durability), and she was able to help me weigh up what were the best options (and the most palatable compromises) within my budget.

Miriam takes a personal interest in you, your purchase and the intended recipient, and is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. She was also able to help arrange a very good price compared to the equivalent products on the high street.”

Jonathan Whiteford, London

“I decided to use Miriam’s services due to her strong diamond expertise and service-minded attitude. Miriam’s advice and expertise distilled the essence from the peripherals and facilitated the decision of selecting the optimal diamond and ring. My forthcoming bride and mother-in-law are both very impressed by the diamond and the ring.”

Trond Bratlie, Norway

“The service I received from Miriam was concise, friendly and easy! She was thorough in her approach to what I was looking for and the end product did not disappoint! Would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for classic jewellery.”

Edy Alteric, London

“Finding the right ring was probably the most scary part of the proposal. There are so many choices, formats, materials, rocks and sizes. Miriam made it extremely easy for me! She helped me find the right ring with the right stones at the right price. She made the entire process fun and simple. I could not be happier and of course… She said yes!”

Thierry Sequeira, London

“Miriam is a great gemologist with an eye for what women want. Strongly recommend her concierge service.”

Chris Vik, London

“When my boyfriend (now-husband) and I first started talking about getting married I was extremely nervous about the ring situation.  I have never been the type of person who wanted a diamond ring or even noticed them, so I had absoluately no idea where to begin. My boyfriend had even less of an idea!  So I contacted Miriam to ask for help, and she walked me through everything so sweetly. She was so knowledgeable and encouraging of my “different” tastes, and she even introduced me to a jeweler who sources rare vintage rings from all over the world. I got the feeling that Miriam would have been equally sweet, encouraging, and excited for me whether I wanted a giant rock or a tiny gemstone. Before seeing Miriam I would have thought that the only people who would need to see a jewelry specialist were folks who were prepared to spend tens of thousands on a ring, but that is definitely not the case!  In fact, I think her support would be even more important for people who want to make sure they get the absolute best value for their money. Overall, it was a lovely experience!”

Melissa Wurzer, Texas

“Miriam helped me and my fiancé out when she came  stateside. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and affordable. Picking out rings can be very overwhelming and she simplified it for us. If you need and engagement ring or wedding bands Miriam is your girl! I would highly recommend working with her.”

Ariel Rosenbaum, Texas

“London Diamond Concierge was a treat to work with.  I called in not knowing much about diamonds and was looking to spend a fair amount on an engagement ring.  A member of their staff educated me quickly on the differences found in diamonds (cut, clarity, color, carat) and was able to show me the differences.  After picking out a very clear 2.7 carat, emerald cut solitaire stone, it seems they gave me a good price. Being a diligent shopper, I looked around at other stores to see if I could beat their price.  But I could not beat their price anywhere.  Top selection, great staff, and competitive pricing.  Do yourself a favor and use London Diamond Concierge.”

Hal Rochkind, Texas

“Miriam Leaman with London’s Diamond Concierge was EXTREMELY helpful. On more than one occasion. Not only was she extremely knowledgable but she helped save me a lot of money. I was very impressed with her professionalism and she was a pleasure to work with. On one occasion I had some old family heirloom pieces that I wasn’t sure what to do with. She not only helped me design a new piece but she also helped me seek out a jeweler who gave me a very fair price! I would have been totally lost without her. I’m so glad there is a service such as this!! She was a ton of fun to work with and will certainly seek her expertise again in the future!!! Highly recommend!!!”

Sarah Panzer, Texas

“Miriam was a key factor in helping me get the wedding ring of my dreams. She introduced my husband to a diamond dealer and helped him every step of the way. She made sure we got a great deal and a high quality diamond. Miriam is very knowledgeable and has connections in the industry, which really saved us money! We have also used Miriam to purchase earrings and our wedding bands.”

Claire Smith

“Miriam was a real help in navigating and negotiating the stresses of ring shopping. She made a potentially stressful experience hassle free, even though I put her under a fairly tight deadline! It was clear from the initial meeting that she wanted to help and I think the result was that I got a ring much more spectacular than I might have done without her! I wouldn’t hesitate in using Miriam again”

Michael S. London

“Miriam’s service was a class act from start to finish and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.

She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me cut through the infinite amount of information out there relating to diamonds. I was absolutely thrilled with the end result (as was my fiancé)! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone looking for advice on purchasing diamonds!”

Jason, London

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